Search Engine Optimistation (SEO)

When you search for your business on Google using your business type and area or associated keywords, do have difficulty finding your listing?

If you do, your customers will find it even more harrowing. This can be improved by optimising your website to make it more friendly to search engines. SEO isn’t all about getting your business in the first few entries of a Google or Bing search, it’s also about improving your user experience on your website, improving your click through rate (CTR) and ensuring users find what they are looking for.

Many years ago, improving your SEO involved stuffing lots of keywords into the meta data of your site just to boost its chances of being found on internet searches. Things have (thankfully) changed and companies that do this are likely to get your site black-listed by Google rather than achieve better traffic.

We will analyse your website and optimise it with relevant keywords, coding, backlinks and URLs, ensuring that the content is fresh and that users will find exactly what they wanted when they clicked through from the search engine.

And that your listing is much more visible? That’s a great bonus, isn’t it?

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