Domain Terms and Conditions

We are a Nominet Member and Registrar (using the ICTINSITE tag) and we use Nominet to register all domains with a .uk TLD, all other domains are registered using GoDaddy.

Domains are subject to the registration terms and conditions of the relevant registry and which may change from time to time.

- All renewals are typically covered over a 2 year period. We will inform our customers, via email of the renewal 30 days before expiry. Our key terms are included with each domain related invoice. We will send a reminder 2 days before expiry to ascertain if you still require the domain. Your domain will not be renewed if we don't receive a notification that you wish to retain your domain name.

- We will respond to all customer enquiries within 5 working days

- Please report all instances of domain abuse to

If you have a complaint, please call 01772 36 76 36. If you don't feel your service contact have resolved the issue, please email with full details of your complaint. If you'd rather post your complaint, please write to 9 Lockside Office Park, Lockside Road, Preston, PR2 2YS. We'll acknoweldge your complaint within 3 working days of receiving it. We'll then look into the issue and aim to respond within 10 working days.

Charges as of January 2020 domain purchase/renewal 2 year (£9.99)

.com domain purchase/renewal 2 year (£17.99)

We don't make any charges for transferring your domain to a new Registrar.