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Our founding directors come from very different professional backgrounds, but are both very experienced and powerful exponents of their areas of expertise.

Alistair Cooke has worked as a designer and creative director for the whole of his professional career and has a large amount of experience of creating strong and effective branding, visual communications and marketing material for print and for digital media. He provides a strong hands-on lead for our creative output.

Alan Cree has an equally heavy weight standing as a software and web developer. Having worked as a systems programmer
for over fifteen years, heading a team of
developers who completed major projects,
he has both the strategic and practical
knowledge needed to create
sophisticated and appropriate web
and systems solutions. Alan also has
teaching and leadership experience in
secondary education providing
comprehensive knowledge to develop world
class systems for schools.

Together we are ac3, and together, we lead a
very powerful team capable of providing marketing
and systems solutions for businesses and for education.



Creative design, web, programming and digital marketing

Building strong brands and effective visual communications, web and marketing for business and for schools.

Creating intelligent and practical systems programming for education and for business.

Recent work and news

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We are proud to have worked with Tem-po, a local estate agency, on their their new, improved website. The comp......more


We are very good at asking the right questions, because we know that is the first step to finding the right solution.

We take time to understand your business and objectives.


When we understand what your objectives are, we advise, guide and design the right solution to meet your needs.

We have the creativity, the knowledge and the experience to provide solutions that really work.


We establish a good working relationship with our clients and work with you long term to achieve wider goals.

Developing strong brands, visual communications, effective marketing and systems over time.


Call us on 01772 36 76 36 to chat about your business or organisation and to find out more about us and our services. Alternatively, send us an email using the form.

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