What are the skills, experience and expertise that are required to create successful branding and marketing material for businesses and organisations in a digital age? That is a fundamental question that any creative company needs to address if they intend to provide marketing solutions and internet software that are fit for purpose.

Our founding directors come from very different professional backgrounds, but are both very experienced and powerful exponents of their areas of expertise.

Alistair Cooke has worked as a designer and creative director for the whole of his professional career and has a large amount of experience of creating strong and effective branding, visual communications and marketing material for print and for digital media. He provides a strong hands-on lead for our creative output.

Alan Cree has an equally heavy weight standing as a software and web developer. Having worked as a systems programmer for over fifteen years, heading a team of developers who completed major projects, he has both the strategic and practical knowledge needed to create sophisticated and appropriate web and systems solutions. Alan also has teaching and leadership experience in secondary education providing comprehensive knowledge to develop world class systems for schools.

However, our team would not be complete without our SEO, SMO and web marketing expert. Without Vicky, our creative and systems work would not be as likely to be seen because she provides the internet marketing expertise to increase traffic to websites and to extend and expand brand presence into social media sites and a wider audience.

Together we are ac3, and together, we are a very powerful team capable of providing powerful marketing and systems solutions for businesses and for education.  


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